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Bulgaria is one of the countries that has an admirable nature. In our country there is everything – we have magnificent mountains, we have a sea with still wild and beautiful beaches, we also have beautiful towns with great charm. There is something to do in Bulgaria at any time of the year. There are also a wide variety of services, attractions, natural and historical landmarks in our country. We also have a rich history that we can get to know better if we travel.

Black Sea – Bulgaria is a preferred summer destination for many tourists from abroad. The Black Sea has wide beaches of fine sand, wild beaches, traditional fishing villages and many landmarks. Various water sports are practiced on our Black Sea coast. For those who prefer a more comfortable vacation there are seaside resorts, littered with hotels for every taste. For tourists from abroad, the most preferred destinations are Sunny Beach, Varna and Burgas because they offer a variety of attractions, attractions, restaurants, water sports and more.

Rila Monastery – It is also known as the Bulgarian Jerusalem and if you have not visited it you should definitely do it soon. This is a picturesque Eastern Orthodox monastery located in the forests of Rila and less than 2 hours drive from Sofia. The monastery was named after St. John of Rila, who in the 10th century was a hermit and lived in a cave near the monastery. It is one of the most significant cultural monuments in Bulgaria and is also included in the UNESCO list. It is the largest monastery in Bulgaria and was built in the distant past in 927-941. by Ivan Rilski. In 1778. the monastery “St. Ivan Rilski “falls victim to a natural fire and is burned to the ground. As you step into the courtyard, you will be amazed at the perfect harmony of the exquisite black and white arches, tiled roofs and the five domes rising to the sky. This place really carries a special energy that makes you feel in harmony with yourself and nature.